Tuesday, December 15, 2009

In Celebration of Friends Series: Katheryn Flescher-aka Kat

I met Kat a couple of years ago through a mutual friend of ours with whom I'm no longer associated. Kat chose to be my friend despite my disassociation with this person. That’s when I knew I had made a good choice, or the choice in friend was presented to me.

Kat has no issue expressing herself or her opinion, which is a quality I love. She calls me on my shit, tells it to me as it is and understands men on a level that I can’t even comprehend. Kat will listen to you until she can’t stand and never pass judgment no matter how stupid a decision you’ve made. She knows me through all the self imposed crap and confusion and continues to be my friend through the trials. She’s willing to take a bullet for me if necessary and I her. I can know in a pinch she’d kill someone to get to me if I needed her. She has a biting sense of humor which I find incredible and incredibly funny, she also loves to get into trouble which of course I like as well as just being all out fun to hang with .

If I didn’t know her any better I’d swear she’s one of "US" because of her intuition skillz and judge of character. I know if I could bring her on dates with me I’d be better off! I’m glad she’s on my side and one of my closest friends!

Thanks for putting up with me for the last 6mos and all my whining!

LU Kat/Liz!
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