Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009- The Boycott

My family and I agreed several months ago that we were going to boycott Christmas this year due to the economy and the changes that my family and I are going through financially.

Me: I’m completely broke- have taken steps to again re-fi my house and have hired a friend to do my financial planning for the rest of the year. Granted I won’t be eating out or going out much in 2010.

Ryan- He’s cutting down until his business takes off. So if you need Chiropractic care go here->Absolute Health and Chiropractic

My Folks- My Pop is retired and my Mum is close to retiring. Their mortgage is mega expensive so they are trying to re-fi but their income to debt ratio is too high and their house isn’t worth as much as it used to be so they are trying to work it out with a mortgage specialist.

We all agreed to only buy for S’s kids; Sydney and Madison and when I went over there I thought the Santa themed tree had quite a few presents underneath it. When it came time to open gifts, I actually got a few. I looked at my folks and told them that I didn’t agree with this and wasn’t going to part take in it. That they shouldn’t have spent any money on me for that’s what we all agreed to. My Mum states that she and my Pop never agreed to any such thing and they can spend their money any way they want to. With that being said (no one argues with my mama!) here is my list of stuff I received for the boycotted Christmas..

-Jewelry armoire

- Black cardigan

-terrycloth robe

-Lapis and gold tennis bracelet

- Onyx earrings

- Foot lotion and spa socks from my nieces

- Apple scented soap from my nieces

- Ikea gift card

- Christmas photo of my nieces with Santa

I still think I made out like a bandit!

I bought the girls purses with matching hats and wallets. They are girly-girls afterall!

Christmas Day my mama put out a Christmas spread of turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, tea, nog, beans along with 2 different kinds of pie. Ryan received Terminator: Salvation for Christmas so we wore our pj's (or casual cloths) , grabbed supper, set ourselves up in my parents basement to watch movies while stuffing ourselves to the gills and snoozing. Ryan and I then checked movie schedules and went to see Sherlock Holmes at the Eagan theater around 9p; a bit earlier than normal for we usually go to a midnight showing.
Haaa, the holidays!
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