Monday, December 21, 2009

A Celebration of Friends Series: Kelly Stevens

I first met Kelly over an argument we were having over conference rooms at work. I remember her looking at me at some point during the argument and asking, “Why are you being so mean to me?” I relented, we talked it through, and little did I know that we’d end up being best friends because of it. Our friendship had a rocky start at first. Blowing each other off, and generally pushing each other's buttons-unintentionally of course. Once we got past the "learning curve" we started hanging out more and more. We hung out at the Assistant bowling party and talked, and talked. She then told me that she had the same “illness” that I had and how she was scared. I talked to her about it, gave her an idea of what to expect and tried to get her to prep for her recovery. I think that situation helped bring us closer together as friends. I told her what I was “into” and invited her to a couple of shows, introduced her to some of my other friends.

One thing I can say that I admire greatly about her is that she has the ability to talk to anyone. Kelly can go up to anyone, just start talking to them and at the end of the conversation they love her. She also is funnier than hell. No matter what we do or where we go she always has something funny to say. Sometimes it’s even about me, but it comes out completely funny.

She gives her straight, honest opinion; even if she’s mad at me. She listens to me and has greater empathy than anyone I know. Like Paul, she doesn’t mind that I’m a complete goof, a freak, a pain in the ass or a nerd. She laughs at me when I’m too serious, gets mad at me when I’m being complacent, she’s gotten me out of jams when I haven’t had anyone to help me. She’s supported me in times when I’ve felt I could barely stand, cheered me on when I’ve been embarrassed, and given me optimism when I’ve been so low I’ve felt I couldn’t breathe, and finally she keeps on track with diet and exercise by reminding me of the “illness” she and I share. She makes up for the fact that I don’t have children by making up for the fact that she does and her husband is like my brother.

She is the “nice” person in every room, the one who will pull over and help push your car out of the ditch, will call for help if needed, and will make sure you are safe and sound at the end of each night.

This is my BFF Kelly..


You're My Best Friend-Queen
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