Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Her Date that Turned into Mine..

I hadn’t seen my friend T in awhile so when she called me up to go out with her and the new guy she was dating I said sure. He was bringing a friend and I had no problem with that as long as the friend knew it wasn’t going to be a date. The Back Alley, at the Apple Valley bowl at 8p. I arrived to find sitting there by herself. We talked until her date, Jesse came to join us. He was about 5’9, bald, pierced, rough looking and grumpy; at first. I introduced myself to him and came off as being gruff and sterile. T was happy to see him and he mentioned to us right away that his friend blew him off and wasn’t coming. We made due, hung out and did some karaoke. T recently her hair cut and mentioned it to the both of us. I liked it and thought it was cute, Jesse expressed his reservations about it and compared her cut to mine, then said the cut reminded him of his mother’s. WHAT? That was a mistake, T started getting angry. She downed her beer and wanted me to go outside with her for a cigarette. Once outside she explained how she thought it was insulting that he said those things, she also bet that he wouldn’t notice that her beer glass was empty and if he didn’t she’d be pissed since she’d explained to him earlier that she hadn’t been paid yet, and he said he’d pay for dinner and drinks for the night.

We go back inside and he has 2 beers for himself but nothing for her. We sit there for 5 mins and still nothing, so I give her $5. to get a beer. By this time she’s pissed and really not talking to him. I suggest that she talk to him about how he hurt her feelings while I go to the bar to get a beer. I order my pint and turn around to see her leaving. I run after her asking her what happened and she’s in tears. She explains that she doesn’t want to tell him, that he should just know, especially now that he knows she’s pissed. I ask her to wait until I’m done with my beer and we’ll leave, she tells me no, and no matter what I say she tells me that she just wants to go home and doesn’t want to wait for me nor does she want me to come with her., so she leaves. I’m now pissed for being left

So I walk back to Jesse and tell him that she left us both, here, at the bar, alone, together, when we just met. We both agreed that it’s odd and uncomfortable and we assure each other that we are going to leave when we are both done with our drinks. I start to chew him out about being a knuckle dragger and how incredibly dry headed he was for saying those things to her. That needed to make s decision now he was the “bad guy”, to either break it off or call and apologize. He indicated he didn’t mean to and as we started talking and “laying it all on the table” he throws out that I’m his “dream woman”. He thinks I’m hott, he likes my personality, we have a lot in common, and I have “a fire brewing” in my soul… Umm, ok… He asks if I was attracted to him and I said yes, but as a rule I don’t date guys who have dated my friends.. This whole conversation really hurt my feelings.. The one person I’d love to have said this to me is emotionally vacant and would never.

We decide to go the bar next door and see the band. We continue to talk and he asks me out to which I again say no. Then I run to the restroom, and when I come back he makes a comment about how awesome it was that I trusted him not to put a roofy in my drink… Yeah, NOW it’s time to go. He gives me his number and he texts me all the way home, indicating that he wants to come over and spend the night. I tell him no and stop texting him.

The next day T calls me and leaves a voicemail wanting to know what happened after she left. No apology nothing, just wondering what happened after we left. So I contacted her via email and told her about what transpired and the fact that I didn’t want to speak to her for awhile since she threw me under the buss about my ass and weight. I haven’t heard a damn thing from him nor do I. From what I understand, T ripped him a new one via email and hasn’t heard from him since.
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