Monday, October 26, 2009

The Airport Chronicles-What Again?

A couple of night’s back I was working at our sister store and was generally having a shitty night. My customer’s were crabby and confrontational, I pinched my fingers badly in a display, I was basically ready to go home and relax.

My co-worker and I were taking the escalator down to the train when I realize that I had 4 mins to catch mine. So I started to run down the left side of the escalator until I got to 2 male pilots and 1 female flight attendant. One of the pilots and the flight attendant had their bags in front of them while the other pilot was leaning sideways against the railing and his bags were in front of him, spreading across the width of the escalator.

I came up behind them and was able to get past the flight attendant and one of the pilots but the second pilot didn’t move. I asked him twice to excuse me and he just looked at me blankly. The third time I said excuse me and explained that I was going to miss my train to which he looked up at me, shrugged and said “so.” I just stared at him, and then slowly turned around to look at the other pilot (who wouldn’t look at me), the female flight attendant (who stared at me) and my co-worker, who winced. I stood there, completely stunned and absorbed what was happening. As I got closer to the ground, I jumped over the rail and ran down the stairs to just miss my train. I turned to the pilot and said “are you fucking kidding me douche bag? “ In an instant, my temper flared and I swear I temporarily lost my mind. Neither of the pilots would look at me and the flight attendant just stared, I noticed this and stared back yelling “What?!” My co-worker got off the escalator and told me the flight attendant said to her “why is she so mad isn’t that what the stairs are for”? I lost it, walked around the corner to where they were standing and yelled “are you fucking serious? That’s what the stairs are for? I’m not the one with the bags of shit, so isn’t that what the fucking elevators are for?” “Perhaps you’ve all been spending a little too much in the fucking air and not enough time down in here with us “little” people, huh”? “Maybe you get paid a bit too much to deal with us huh”? “FYI- as long as your still wearing that fucking uniform you are representing the company you work for and you treat an airport employee this way, hmmm, makes me wonder how you treat your fucking paying customers..” I let the words echo in the space for a moment and walked back to the other side of the escalator. For whatever reason, I blew a gasket, I kept yelling about what assholes they were, that I’d like to knock the crap out of the pilot, that he’d get his, that how dare he do this when I did nothing but be in the vicinity. People were asking me what was wrong, why I was yelling, but I just kept swearing, explaining how I just tried to get past him to make my train and that he was rude to me. People starting looking at me as if I’d lost my mind (by all accounts I had) and them as if they just appeared on America’s Most Wanted. They get on their train, staring at me from behind the safety of the glass. I smiled wickedly, kissed my middle finger as I flipped them off and slowly mouthed “fuck you”.

It literally took me over an hour to get out from under it and realize I should have kept my cool, gotten their names off of their badges and reported them to Delta. The problem would have been solved, like that. I lost my cool, made a complete ass out of myself and confirmed the reasons why I hate people… ~sigh~
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