Saturday, September 05, 2009

Lunatic Fringe

Here’s my scattered, lunatic-fringe as of late:
  • Work is getting boring along with the same old complaining I do when I get bored,
  • reached my 2 yr anniversary at the airport and raise time coming up,
  • again liking someone who doesn’t like me,
  • making horrible sexual choices,
  • want to transfer jobs or companies becoming frustrated because I can’t,
  • need to get back into school,
  • Potřebujete získat zpět do své kořeny,
  • need to stop going out,
  • would like to quit airport but can’t,
  • need to get things for the house,
  • need some “chill” time with my brother,
  • need some “talk time” with Paul and Erik,
  • need to make, write and play some music I’ve written (my soul needs it),
  • needs to see a certain “someone” play since I haven’t in awhile,
  • need to commit to getting some of my equipment back,
  • need to transfer my entries from Thoughts and What-nots to Ideas & Tid-bits,
  • need to write my 9/11 dedication,
  • need to write…period,
  • need to go on more runs (my mind/spirit/body needs it),
  • need to “get to know” the in’s and outs of my car,
  • to freely dance in my underwear,
  • laugh hysterically until I cry,
  • go to Azia for brunch with my girlfriends,
  • do brunch with Nita,
  • Deben ser más competentes en español,
  • buy and read books,
  • to be in a space where I’m not afraid of losing something or someone,
  • paint,
  • be able to lay in bed with a certain “someone” on a Monday afternoon and not worry about one of us having to “do” something,
  • play with my cat,
  • have my hair washed by someone who isn’t me,
  • buy more vanilla spray and body oil,
  • take a bath,
  • find some days that stretch like taffy and have each feel like a week and remember who the hell I am again…
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