Thursday, August 13, 2009

You Live THERE?!

If you are a Minnesotan, whether you were born and bred here, or arrived after a stay from less mountainy, watery, tree-y cities, you know four key things about living here:

1. When you visit other places, people say, “Ohhh, you live in MINN -AH- SOTAH?” with a distinct tone of sarcasm, as though you’d said, “I live in an igloo made of glass and it’s sub-zero temps all year round!” then you’d get the “Fargo” mention in which I ALWAYS have to tell them that Fargo isn’t even in Minnesota to begin with and I can’t be responsible for the language (or lack there of) of another state…

2. Then they make fun of the snow and wintery temps, as though you lived/visited Antarctica… We all know New York is colder don’t we? (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!)

3. Everyone thinks every major city (Rochester, Duluth) they’ve ever heard of is close by..when actually every one is something like a 4 hour drive.. Seriously, New York, is Boston in your backyard? However it does bring up the Great Lakes, oceany vibe thing to talk about to get they’re mind off the Fargo comment..

4. It doesn’t get really super hot. I mean, yes, maybe two days a year, it gets super hot and then there’s the humidity but really, hot is hot man. 120 degrees is still hot, humidity or not…ours is just 89 degrees with 90% humidity which by and large equals 120 degrees… (gasp) right?

Now, of course, all this mystery about my home state is ruined.

1. Now not everyone (with the exception of the people that live here) knows that we are attached to the Great Lakes – Lake Superior to be exact. Then there is Two Harbors which is in northern Minnesota as well. This area has a “Maine-y” feel to it with the Lighthouses etc. Maine in Minnesota is kinda cool, right?

2. It has barely rained at all, all summer. Barely. As in I have used an umbrella maybe… six times, all summer. Semi typical of Minnesota I guess… It’s still green and pretty!

3. Rochester-home of the Mayo clinic….best clinic EVER! Don’t visit Rochester for that though…go find some relatives or something that live there and visit them instead..

And uh… people...

4. It DOES get cold here but it’s not like we don’t have heated EVERYTHING, so you barely feel it unless your outside all the time and if you are then you’d know that the past couple of winters it barely went below zero…besides with snow comes a bevy of winter sports..

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