Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Perfect Man Is... (Take note guys!)

1- Romantic & Sensible – You can be the toughest guy, but you got to be like this too

2- Confident in himself

3- Tough & Strong – It is not only about muscles, but also the way you speak and move

4- Trains and is "fairly" good at sports

5- Adventurous – Never stops planning something new, always a bit crazy

6- Knows how to dress– Always looking good and has guts to dress dodgy

7- Very sociable – Everyone likes him and has many friends

8- Can cook- Italian, French, American… Not many men know how to

9- Can make desserts– It’s actually much more important and what women like the most

10-Can dance – Salsa, Tango, Ballroom… It is the easiest way of getting girls (SCORE here)

11- Has cool abilities – Never thought about Magic, Origami,?

12- Successful economically

13- Makes her laugh

14- Plays music – Guitar is a classic, but can be many other instruments

15- Looks amazing – I know this is in the genes, but we can help it a bit!

16- Likes and understands Art – Paintings, literature, cinema, so on

17- Knows how to tell a story or anecdote

18- Gives her flowers – It’s not outdated AT ALL, just don’t overdo it.

19- Has modals – Etiquette is always important!

20- Always in good mood – Hard but you can appear in!

21-Inspires – Women never forget their first man. But they will never forget who inspire them

to change their lives either

22- Can withstand social pressure

23- A man of the world – Speaks languages and traveled, has experiences to talk for a lifetime

24- Utterly ambitious

25- Good in bed

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