Wednesday, July 22, 2009


• Nerdelbee!

• Nuuurd!

• Weiner Weiner

• Punkin Pie!

• Squirrel Hater

• Freakshow!
• Chattertwaw

• Huckleberry

• Poonhound

• Wilbuuur!

• Templeton!

• Pig or ManPig

• Like the blanket with the Eagles on it

• Like the blanket with the dolphins on it

• Sea Creature Motif

• Dorksquad

• Aren't you due back at the lab to have your bolts tightened?

• I’ll smack you in your face and punch you in the junk!

• Fufferwhooser

• In response to P saying that we're a little weird …
“Speak for yourself brother... I'm not following you into that cave!”

• Hello... this is Traaavis….

• "This is why I hate people"

• Some kind fish (pronounced like fissss), Some kinda no fish, some kinda crap, some kinda no crap
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