Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When the earth Explodes, so will my Head…

My damn tongue is numb because I just burned it with steaming hot coffee Dammit, I hate that…! Shall I sue? Hehehe!

It’s 10:08a in the morning, and I so do not want to be here. The weekend went well considering I was hoping for “alternate” plans but that was foiled based on the shitty, irritated talk I had on Friday eve. There is a reason they call it alternate plans sports fans.... Kelly suggested I go up to Zimmerman with her and the kids to meet her pops and perhaps shake it up a bit. Monsters of Mock was playing in Andover so we decided to go there. I flew back home, grabbed some clothes, got all spiffed up and hit the road. Got to her pops repair shop, met him and his wife. I think her pops is the coolest guy ever! They smoked, we all laughed and they took her kids home to bed. Kelly and I touched up a bit and headed out to POV’s in Andover.

There weren’t many people there and actually had to double check to make sure that the band was actually playing there. We walked in and grabbed a booth. Kelly disappeared for a bit and while she was gone someone came up and invited us to sit with their group of people. Kelly being the social butterfly she is, managed to introduce us to the entire band, which was fun to razz them a bit. Pat the bass player’s brother was "interesting" and so was the guy who came up behind me, licked the back of my neck asking if he could commission me for sex.. Niice! We made it home around 3am and I collapsed on the floor next to Kelly’s kids. I actually slept for 7 hours, which s unheard of for me! Her youngest, Carter came in and woke me up….What a nice way to wake up; a drool kiss and a giggle!! Lolol.

I left her folk’s place around 11am and headed home. Took an hour nap, before I showered, changed and headed to my folk’s place. Spent some time with my folk’s before I headed out to Lake Harriet to see my friends the Bad Animals. What a beautiful night for an outdoor concert! Leni D asked me to take some pictures so I used my “Kutchercam” to take all the pix. I have to say for a little $180. point and click it’s a good camera over all and would highly recommend buying one if your in the market. I got to visit with the Lovely Gina M. I haven’t seen her in a dog’s age and by and large she is my soul sister, and missed her very much! What tremendous strengths she has, but I knew she had it in her. We are stubborn old birds, she and I. I was excited and beyond that she felt good enough to attend! I also got to meet Leni’s other sister’s Mary Jo and Margo both of whom I’ve spoken to on the phone but had never met. I spoke to Mr. Kielty a bit before I hit the road to meet up with the super awesome Danny and Transit Authority at the Junction.

I got myself settled next to Danny at the soundboard when I looked over to see my brother’s g-friend Carrie with a bridal party walking in the door. They invited me to play a game of pool and have drink before hopping over to the next bar. Took a few semi decent photos of Transit Authority before parking my butt next to Danny for the rest of the night. For laughs I shared my retarded stories of dating woe, he shared his and it ended up being a really good night just sitting and talking to each other.

Sunday I worked and Danny’s son was coming in from New York. I figured we could meet up for a bit at the airport since we’d both be there and chat before he picked up his son. Come to find that his son’s flight came in through the Humphrey terminal not the Lindbergh where I work. I figured he wouldn’t want to come an extra 10-15mins down to visit and tossed it out as a wash. Danny texts me and says that he’s in ticketing so I walk out and lo and behold there he is!! We chatted for about 20-25mins before he had to take the train back to the Humphrey and I back to my store. I figure anyone who takes the time to come see me at work can date me any day.
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