Thursday, June 11, 2009

Changes Her Mind, Like Changing Her Clothes…

In Part 2 of my financial (aka- getting myself out of the hole) plan I’ve bought a new car. Well it’s used, but new to me. The key broke in the ignition on the 4th day of owning the damn thing and after a 2-3 day hassle of figuring out who was going to pay for it, the dealership pennied up and paid the $400. to get it fixed. Whew!

In my looong process of getting the house re-fied, I found out that the mortgage company had a “suspense” account for me with “overpayments” in it. Approx $800. worth. Received that back 2 days ago and that should bring down the debt significantly. I’m hoping now to get the debt I owe my folks down about $2,000 more before I quit the second job. Wholly crap, what will I do with my spare time?

The summer is starting to take shape a little bit. I’m in process of planning trips to Iowa, Wisconsin and possibly Nashville before the end of August. So, if anyone is interested in going with me.... I’m also thinking music festivals..Summerfest, WE Fest, The Taste, the State Fair. The Theater is also something I’m looking into. I’d love to go see Mary Poppins (ERNESTO and PAUL!) it’s my fav next to Victor/Victoria! I would like to do it all but with all the trips etc..not sure if I can swing it. I plan on cutting down my hours at the airport to 3 for the remainder of the summer. I wanna enjoy it this year!

The dating situation is, well…non existent at this point. I’ve been picking stoopid and horrible men as of late. Granted, I don’t mean that in a harsh way, they simply just aren’t for me. Read about the last 3 here… I met the “Tow Truck” driver when I was getting my car towed into the repair shop. I came out of the house with no makeup on, in jeans and a t-shirt and he manages to tell me that I’m hott. Hmmmm, a good sense of humor is worth a date I guess. To make it short, he’s just not for me. He’s a bit of a whiner, made a remark that if we were gonna make a go of it I had to do “this, this and this” and it seems that everytime we go out he wants me to drive him all over. That didn’t settle well with me so… It took me about 2 weeks of “over analyzing” to (duh!) figure out that Guy 1 is a douchebag and was technically, very mean to me and I allowed it to happen. I found it extremely disturbing that I managed to overlook the mean shit he said or did. I should just told him to f-off and called it a day. In the end it’s his lose and I guess I’m better for not pursuing it any further, even if it was further than I would have wanted. That being said, I’ve decided to not date for the time being. I feel very conflicted and disturbed over the fact that I liked someone who treated me poorly. I like myself more than that, and apparently there’s something going on with me that is overlooking shit like that. Perhaps it’s an insecurity that is rearing its ugly head. So, I’m gonna take the time to resolve it before it gets out of hand..
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