Friday, May 15, 2009


OK y'all spill them and start a monster string..No judgements..
Tell everyone what you LOVE!
* borrowed from Meggy!

I'll start first!!!!

1. Song you love-"Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac

2. Book you love- "Sense and Sensibility"-Jane Austen

3. Type of cuisine you love- Italian

4. Beverage you love- A&W Cream Soda (delish!)

5. Cookie you love- I don't like cookies

6. Ice cream flavour you love- Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Crunch

7. Place you love to go- Nashville

8. Thing you love to drive- I love to drive fast and sporty cars!

9. Place you love to live- Mountains of Montana

10. Movie you love- Bachelor Party & Princess Bride

11. Time in your life you loved- My summer with Rachel in college

12. Person you love- I love everyone (esp YOU!)

13. Cute picture of a baby animal you love- Baby Otters (awww!)

14. Item of clothing you love most (that you own)-My eeyore jammies

15. Way of relaxing you love best- Having my feet rubbed while have a drink of some kind.
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