Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busy Being Mad..

OK, I’ve been dating 3 men as of late…All are fantastic and wonderful guys, really and truly.. My dating life being the stuff of legend, things have been unraveling a bit between all of us and …well…let me explain..

Guy 1- I adore him completely! I think he’s simply great (even though he doesn’t think himself that way) came to the table with a few requirements which sorta pissed me off because I walked into this whole thing without expectations and to think that I would assume all that is a bit bold, intimidating, and insulting at the same time…Not all women are these goobery souls that need someone to take care of them, I’m one of those. I’m quite happy with me, my life and where I’m going and if you wanna come along for the ride…no drama or hurt feelings, I swear…scouts honor!

Guy 2- Met him through some friends, nice guy, really cute but when I told him I didn’t want to meet his fam and kid this early in the game, he apparently didn’t listen…so I ended up spending a dinner which I thought was to be him and I, actually was with his child, and folks…I was not happy. I found out from his folks that his name wasn’t what he told me, it was something else…the name he gave was a “nickname”…I felt a bit embarrassed by that. His son being as young as he is, talked over us and interrupted us every chance he got, so the evening was mostly us taking care of him and not talking… I love children, his son is an awesome boy, but he is his dad and should be effective in telling him not to interrupt and to behave.
My main concern about this is that I have 2 nieces myself and I’ve never thought it was a good idea to introduce dates, g-friends/b-friends so early in the game, due to the child getting too attached and when that person leaves…it hurts the child and I don’t want that.

Guy 3- Met him through some musician friends, cute and nice..Totally nutty about me apparently since he texts me a bazillion times a day. When I move my toes, not sure if they’re his or mine at this point. Granted, I do know he likes me, but Christ I don’t need a million texts wanting my schedule, where I’m going to be, what am I doing, morning, night…AHHHHH! Where’s the balance?!

So being that things are the way they are, I’m pulling out of the game for awhile…I’ve reached my threshold with guys for a bit..I don’t understand you as a gender, and don’t want to right now..

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