Monday, April 13, 2009

Rest is the Key….

A breakdown of the weekend and my health...(huh, a two-fer!)

Friday Night-
Class of 88 Gathering at Casper’s: Had a blast for the most part.. Brought some of my single peeps with me to mix it up. Thanks to Amy M, Amy S, Lance, Deb, J, Kris and Dave for hanging out and chatting with me. I always feel awkward going to those things and am sooo not a people person. I also realized that if I’m going to be the sober-cab, I need a bigger car! Thanks to my girls for going with me, even though you really didn’t want to! I owe ya one!

Hensch and Bill came out on a spontaneous road trip, met up with Kat and Ben, then with me at the Target house around 2:30a. We sat up chatting until 4:30a…

Woke up around 10a, met up with Kat and went to the North Pole for breakfast, then to Kat’s to hang out in the tree deck! (wearing skirts keeps your legs together!) Kat dropped me back off at the house, I took a 2 hour nap, then met up with Laura and Julie at Throwbacks to celebrate Kelly’s b-day with Hairball (Bob your still a panda) and danced our asses off!

Had Easter breakfast with my folks, called into work a bit later and had lunch with Ernesto, Dan and Robert, worked until 9:30p then met up with Tammy at BWW until 11:30p.

Was up at 6:30a thanks to Matty, you shit! Feel …. like…crap…must…get…rest!

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