Monday, April 27, 2009

Put to Bed…

Well, Friday was the date of my closing..yep, finally after a long year and a half I was able to re-fi the house.

The appt was at 2p and instead of going to the title company’s office I ended up at my loan officer’s office. He saw me, we went over the numbers, new payment and he answered any questions I had before I went in for the signing. I literally got on my knees in his office and sobbed.
Keeping this house has been a task like no other. I have literally fought to keep it and used almost all of my available resources and brain power to do so. I now know more about home mortgages than any person would want to. My current loan officer is the 8th guy I’ve had to go through just to get this done. I even promised this guy I’d marry him if he could put this baby to bed. Granted there are people still losing their homes everyday for whatever reason so mine isn’t the worst case, but it could have been for sure.

Once I felt comfortable with the figures I drove a mile down the road to the title company and signed the new deal, now it’s for keeps!

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