Monday, April 27, 2009

In Concert….

For my birthday my friend Randy bought me a concert ticket to see Heart at Treasure Island casino. Granted, I almost forgot about it considering that it was more than a month out. I took the day off and Randy stopped by the house to get me around 3p. We arrived around 3:30p and decided to check out the venue and go to Tradewinds for their buffet.. Probably a big mistake for me since I hadn’t eaten in about 4 days due to my pneumonia, I had about a plate and a quarter of food and got sick as a dog. Niiice….

We met up with Leni and Sandy who were sitting 2 rows ahead of us. The concert started a bit after 8p and the ladies hit the stage in full force. We danced, we sang to Barracuda, Never, Alone, Minstrel Wind and These Dreams before they took about 15 min break…they came back on and belted out You Wreck Me by Petty, and several songs by The Who and Led Zepplin before calling it a night. The whole show was an hour and twenty minutes which was a bit disappointing considering their catalog is HUGE. I’m also not a huge fan of popular bands singing other people’s stuff especially if they have a lengthy catalog, so to see the girls sing a ton of songs by other artists wasn’t interesting. I figure I can’t complain too much, this may be their last tour and I did get the ticket as a gift! I saw, I danced, I sang, had a great time with great friends and bought the shirt!
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