Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Morning Monday!!!!

Matty: Morning!

Me: Whatchu want it's early?

Matty: Morning!

Matty: Would really like to snuggle witchu this morning…

Me: Really? The only one who gets to do that is Gabs..

Matty: Who’s that?

Me: My cat you tard!

Matty: You’re damn lucky you’re one of those women that looks and smells great when she wakes up..

Me: Not so much, sorta got the “fish” hair cookin’ and morning breath.

Matty: BS, betchu u look fab and smell like heaven

Me: Heaven has a smell now?

Matty: Yeah, and 5 to 1 it smells like you..

Me: This morning I have the combo of death and vanilla..

Matty: oh. :/

Me: If heaven smells like death and vanilla, let’s hope I die with a cold!

Matty: A bit crabby this morning are we Princess?

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