Friday, April 17, 2009

Do Over!

Reconnected at a party with this guy again we seemed to hit it off AGAIN and I mentioned to him that me giving him my number meant that I was indeed interested, to which he admitted he was interested too. After hanging out all night and groping each other, he gave me his number and I drove him home. As I walked him up his drive, he kisses me and tells me to call him..

Of course I was as giddy as the Cheshire cat, but held it all close to the vest...after all this guy blew me off 5 months earlier. I text him the next day to see how he was (hung over of course)..Took his nieces to see Hanna Montana (hott!) and declined my invite to go out again that evening (who wouldn't since he had a hang over all day!)

I found that my weekend was pretty screwed up so decide to text him to see if he'd meet me for a bite, he agreed. I waited for what seemed like eternity for him to get there and when he arrived, he was drunk and seemed not to interested in hanging with me. My g-friend left 5 mins into the conversation and he was pretty quick to want to go to..What the hell?! I asked him to sit and chat with me a spell and we talked about jobs, health, our past relationships and why we weren't married... He kept saying that he wasn't into being controlled which I was getting the inclination he was talking about which I'm not, but that's a long road to hoe. I was starting to get the same ol' same ol', 101 reasons "I'm a shit and you shouldn't date me" stuff...

We decided to leave and on his way to the bathroom gives me the "I don't wanna touch you" hug and I leave thinking "what the fuck just happened?" and the MAJOR inclination that he is/was a afraid of me....but why? I just spent the better part of 4 days picturing the guy without his clothes on, and get this? Really?

So now I'm sitting here at 2:30a, pissed off, wondering what hell just happened. I could bet you 5 to 1 that if I ask I'll get the "you want a relationship and I don't" assumption, which quite frankly will piss me off. I wanna do over! Why do people have to make things so damn complicated?
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