Friday, March 06, 2009

My Friday Lurve List…

I never write these online as much as I do in my physical journal so I’ll dump one on you, since I’ve been feeling and not feeling the love lately..

P-I short cut him a lot and he seems pretty obscure to most people because I never really talk about him. Probably because people really don’t understand the “Stevie Nicks/Lindsay Buckingham” type relationship we have.. I respect him, he calls me out on my shit EVEN when he KNOWS I’ll get pissed at him, he forces me to be a better person than I could ever be on my own, makes me aware of others first and me most important and to be kinder to myself when able. He KNOWS me through and through and still puts up with me most of the time, even when I approach him with stoopid shit. I wish I could put him at a higher point on my list, but I can’t so without being gushy…He’s awesome. (Ladies, he’s also very single!!!!!)

Erin-ween- Girl I miss you more than words… You know us (P and I) better than anyone and like P you call me out my shit and still put up with me. If you ever decide that you can handle the cold, come here and stay with us. MISS U!

My Girlys- Sorry I put a bit of a damper on things but I need to do what I need to do to be kinder to myself. I need the break to be alone, go for some really good runs and be in my house. Something that’s hard to understand, I think….I still lurve you and am most importantly your friend whether we hang out a lot or not!

K2- Thanks for putting things into perspective for me, you are much nicer and forgiving than myself…I quality I’d like to own some day.

My Brothers- You both are very good men. KNOW this…find someone who does too. Being alone for a bit is never a bad thing..I would know.

For the smaller stuff..

  • Vanilla Lotion

  • Warm, fuzzy socks

  • Flannel sheets

  • That tired but accomplished feeling after a good long run

  • Sitting on the floor in the sun

  • A full belly

  • A steaming oil bath

  • Cowboys

  • A deep foot message

  • Worn leather cowboy boots

  • Long haired dudes
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