Sunday, March 01, 2009

Looking for Blue Skies on a Cloudy Day

Well the last several weeks have been stressful to say the least.

I think most who watch the news knew that The Electronics Company was going through some lay offs. Short of a miracle I was spared, however several of my friends and co-workers were not. Whilst I feel a bit helpless over the situation my boss and I created a job fair on Weds to assist the people who were affected. If there is anything I can do on an individual basis let me know or my boss can help as well!

The idea initially was that I wasn’t going to work Sundays anymore but the Gear shop decided to cut it’s hours so full time employees get 35 hours and part time employees are allowed 20 or below…so working Sundays is where I sit since it’s the only day I can get 8 hours..

My car went out-again :/ Yep, poor old thing, but I love it.. Thing is I owe my folks something insane like $7,000 and I need to get that down a bit before I can consider a new car. Found out that I had dangerous gas and oil leaks, enough to catch the car on fire…so $275. later it still wasn’t driving right..It took a bit of digging and my mechanic as good as he is, found that all the oil that leaks also burned into the exhaust and clogged it all up. He hollowed it all out and she’s as good as new…for now…
During our blizzard last Thursday, P jumped a curb and something happened to the car so every time he drives up to 40mph the steering wheel shakes… so now we are taking his car in… ~sigh~

1- My g-friend Kelly from work passed away a couple of weeks ago from liver and kidney failure. She was 38..
2- Fellow blogger Lisa, whom I’ve followed off/on for about a year, passed away Friday..
3- My g-friend Gina is very ill so I will be spending a great deal of time with her in the up and coming weeks.

The December attempt at a re-fi for the house was a no-go-again. The second lender doesn’t want to subordinate so my mortgage guy and I came up with a last ditch effort. Follow me on the math here ok…cuz the shit even confuses me..
We are splitting in half the second loand and half is refi'ed witht he first loan and the second half is put into a "personal" loan...Make sense?
So I'll end up with Loan 1 for $155,500 and Loan 2 at $18,500

They decided to take the deal as of last Thursday, so in the next 10 days I’ll be signing the paperwork to get this locked down. This will have been 1 year and 5mos of work and negotiations. Am I stubborn old cow or what? THANK GOD FINALLY!!!!

With the house locked down this will give me time to get my taxes going and pay off my leg surgery, Hensch and 2-3 thousand toward my debt I have with my folks. Then all I’ll have is $5,000 left in debt.. I can crank some of that down and hopefully by summer I can get a new car.

Now that the house, car and jobs are a bit under control I will be starting back at Concordia. I have about a year left, then 3 months off then attacking the Master’s program. Done…. I’m hoping that by the time I’m 41 I’ll have my master’s and can quit working so much, and tackle the things I’d like, House, outdoors stuff, athletics, painting and slowly getting back some of the gear P and I got rid of so I could keep the house.
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