Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Don’t Make Me Go…Pleeeease?

With all the urgency around me as of late, it’s made me pause for a bit and scream “no, don’t make me go…pleeeeeeease!!!!!! I don’t wanna go”. In a lot of ways I’m still that fiery 20 year old girl. I still climb trees, and chase after boys, who have now grown to become men. I ski, run, tube, dance, snowboard, rollerblade, ice skate do everything I used to do when i was younger. I do things a bit slower now, it’s harder now to lose leg weight, add muscle, my knees snap, crackle and pop, my skin doesn’t bounce back as well as used to, my vision isn’t as good,…all that aside I see others a few years older than me becoming sick and dying from obscure shit that you’d never see coming. Cancer, liver disease, brain tumors…What the hell? I’ve seen friends of my mine that are athletes, vegans; just all of sudden have heart attacks in the middle of a race.

As I approach my 39th b-day it makes me wanna turn and run since I’ve already come across some of these things and it makes me wonder if the healthy things I do for myself to live a longer life are for not. I didn’t have these weird ticks, pops and ailments when I was younger and I don’t want them now. I always attributed my ailments to being unhealthy; for I was for a very long time, but now I see it’s just the body breaking down, getting older, and becoming more susceptible to disease and injury. I don’t want that to happen to me…Pleeeese make it stop!!!!
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