Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Day of my Birth

39 years?!…39 years of birthdays..some memorable, some not so much..

-I remember my 2nd birthday on the farm with Mum and grandparents..Yep I remember that one…

-I remember my (8th?) birthday in the townhouse in Valley Park..My folks forgot the cake and we had a small party in the basement… I got a marionette as a gift and I spent several days mesmerized by the damn thing.

-I remember my 14th birthday and I received my first ten-speed bike, which was smashed apart a few months later when someone shoved me into a parked car.

-I remember a lovely 19th Birthday with (X)Erik. He took me out on a treasure hunt in which the key word was everything “daisy” which is my favorite flower.. I think this is up there as one of the bestest birthdays ever.

-I remember my 21st with Rachel and my college friends at the Tross! How I had to give a “blow job” in front of the entire bar with a spotlight on me…I refused and decided to bend down under my table and quickly drink it, which looked worse because I was sitting between two guys, popped back up with whipped cream all over my mouth when they made the announcement that I was “going to give a blow job from under the table” and turned the spotlight on me..Yeah, good times..erhm.

-I remember my 32nd birthday with my Mum, Rachel, and women that I am great and sincere friends with all came out to the Olive Garden for drinks and dinner.

-I definitely remember my 36th birthday for that was the birthday that I was glad I made, because I’d briefly thought I wouldn’t be having any more birthdays after my 35th. I celebrated with P, Tim, Rachel, Chad, Ernesto and my brother. We were all just glad … to be glad….

-Last year was great for I was out with my girls at a Hairball show…Love those guys and gals!!! and we celberated again in Green Bay...:))

We’ll see what happens this year! I think I might just finish painting my office and go out for a run….we’ll see…maybe I’ll haz cheeseburger!!!!!

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