Friday, January 23, 2009

Where Did the Love Go?

My brother has been living with his g-friend for a few years now. They got together shortly after his split with his ex-wife. From what I saw, she pretty much pursued him, even though after his divorce he just wanted to be alone to gain some “equilibrium” and sort things out.

They eventually got together, got a place together and she treated his 2 girls as if they were her own. All seemed great from my perspective. Last year my brother proposed to her and she said yes and they agreed on March of 2009 as the time they’d get married. I saw them on Christmas and amongst all the chaos that is the holidays, they still seemed perfectly happy to me. She even mentioned about changing some plans about the wedding, perhaps moving it to the Carolinas instead of Minnesota..

My Mum calls me all upset the day after my brother’s b-day to tell me that his fiancée just left. Not understanding 100% what that meant, my Mum explained that my brother’s fiancée kissed him goodbye before she went to work just as she’d done on any other day and never came home. Panicked, he went looking for her; thinking she’d gotten into an accident. He ended up at her work and they told him that she’d worked and left at her regular time to go home. Confused and scared he went home and looked through some of her stuff and noticed something; she’d taken a duffle bag, her necessities but left everything else. She didn’t taken enough stuff to make it noticeable that she left until she was long gone. The dog that she made a big deal out of getting, she left behind for my brother to take care of. He was/is shocked and confused. From what I got out of it, this wasn’t something he expected because they’d been getting along for the most part. Granted, they’d gotten into a bit of snit the week before because of his smoking, which was resolved because he decided to quit, but nothing out the ordinary. Not anything he thought to worry about.

Now, I must have been raised differently because this is wrong on about 10 levels. My folks would never in a million years let my brothers and I behave on this level. Even at 38, 37, and 29 would my folks spare us reprocusions of acting so immature. That aside, this smells of mental issues from my perspective. Granted my brother is no angel (name 5 people who are, myself included) but wholly shit, to leave those kids and leave 80% of your things behind including furniture..seems a bit mentally slight.

In light of all of this, she left him in a hole with the apartment, with bills and other financial crap that is out of his purview. That and along with the uncertainty it leaves my nieces with, pisses me off. From what I understand she ran off to be with her mother, and apparently that has been an issue with other relationships she’s been in, including with my brother. So as far as I’m concerned, she can stay with her mother, be alone and live her life that way. Life is too short and my brother will move onto another relationship with a person who will treat him and his girls with a bit more sensitivity, respect and love. He and the girls deserve that, we ALL do.
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