Friday, January 23, 2009

“S” is for Sucker!

Mr. Naked on the Roof guy selected the letter “s” for me, to list my ten favorite things that start with the letter “s”. cuz he says it’s easy..whatever!!!!!

Here it goes....!

1. Snow- I seem to have a love/hate relationship with it. I hate being cold, how icy and slippery it gets out side which makes it near impossible to go on daily runs without (sometimes with) my shoe picks. I get cold all the time and my house is never warm enough, I can’t seem to wear enough clothes. I’ve noticed I get SAD if I don’t get outside enough in the winter.. Yet it’s pretty and clean and white and can we say SLEDDING!!!!!! WHOOO!

2. Sundance- The Sundance Film Festival the annual film festival that is held in Park City, Utah in mid to late January. It showcases Independent films and international filmmakers that are usually outside of the Hollywood system. It is also known for its chairman and Utah resident, Robert Redford. Do you know what films are showing at Sundance this year?? I’m curious to see the one with Uma Thurman in it…Gives me a heads up on what’s coming out in Indy.

3. Stevie Nicks- I can go on for hours about her. LOVE her! I’ve seen her solo and with Fleetwood M ac. I lover her “magical, hippy “ style and her boots!!! Love her boots!!!!

4. SHOES!!!- Hey, enough said. 4 must haves!!!

5. My Saturn aka the “Green machine”- I did a ton of research on vehicles before I decided to buy it. Bought it used on the internet ,after 4 hours of paperwork and negotiation; it was MINE! Granted it’s not the most expensive, or whatever, but it’s safe, was in my price range and the color is knock out, you can see it from satellite photos!

6. The Sea - Born and somewhat raised out in the Seattle area. My family would go on my g-parents boat, fishing, camping and dig for clams. I’m also a Pisces so the sea and parts of it are embedded into my being. I love the water and love to swim but am afraid of the water and of drowning so I’m aware of the respect and nature of the sea…

7. Sea Otters- Really? You didn’t see that comin? I think these guys are so cute and they are the first thing I go see at the zoo. In fact if possible, I’d like to have an “Otter pond” in my backyard someday. Yes, you can certainly have an Otter pond, just not with sea otters, most likely lake otters and yes they are different. Look at those faces…how could you not love them and think they’re CUTE!!!!?????

Lake Otter, Sea Otter

8. Smetana- “The Moldau” the second work in a set of 6 poems composed between 1874 and 1879 by the Czech composer Bedřich Smetana. The set of 6 symphonic poems is better known in its entirety as, Má vlast ("My Fatherland" or “My Country”). The “musical vision” of the Moldau starts with two small springs, one cold and one warm, both streams combine into a single current, the course of the river goes through woods, meadows, through events such as a farmer's wedding being celebrated, a dance of water nymphs in the night's moonshine on the nearby rocks, proud castles loom, palaces and ancient ruins pass by. The river then swirls into rapids; heading towards Prague before finally emptying into Elbe. If you close your eyes while listening you can see each event as it happens.

9. Sheets- Warm, fuzzy, flannel for the winter and soft cottony ones for the summer. If you live in a wintry climate you know what I’m talking about when I say that flannel sheets in the winter will make you wanna stay in snuggly warmness all winter! In the summer, the cool comfort of a soft cotton sheet on a hot, sticky day is cool comfort for me.

10. Socks -Especially the furry, funky colored ones! I own a ton of them and only wear them out with people who already know I’m weird or at home…What can I say, they help make me happy! Sorta part and partial to snow I guess.

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