Monday, January 12, 2009

New Music Monday - Mr. Mister

These guys released a few hits off their second album,this was one of my favs...
A bit of History...
When the first Mr. Mister album, I Wear the Face, was released in 1984, Page was offered the chance to replace Bobby Kimball as lead singer of Toto, and later was offered Peter Cetera's place in Chicago; he refused both offers.
Welcome to the Real World album cover

The second album, 1985's Welcome to the Real World, with lyrics from Page's cousin John Lang, was the breakthrough for Mr. Mister, with three top 10 singles, two of which hit #1 on the U.S. pop charts (most notably "Broken Wings", the chorus of which was later sampled on the 2Pac single "Until the End of Time"). They had several #1 MTV videos and headlined the first MTV Spring Break show in 1986. Mr Mister had several Grammy Award nominations, including the 1986 Grammy for "Best Pop Band" (which was awarded to the"We Are the World" ensemble).

During this time, Mr. Mister toured with other popular acts including Don Henley, The Bangles, Eurythmics, Tina Turner, and Adam Ant. The band's third album was Go On..., which the band said was "some of the best stuff we ever did," showing a much more mature band and a sound that hinted at progressive rock.[citation needed] Nevertheless, Go On... was not a commercial success.

Guitarist Steve Farris left around 1989, replaced by Buzz Feiten and later Trevor Rabin. The band began working on a fourth album, Pull, with session guitarists, but were dropped by their label before it could be released, and the band decided to break up. The album remains unreleased to this day, although one track ("Waiting in My Dreams") later appeared on a 2001 greatest hits collection by the band.

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