Friday, January 23, 2009

My Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle: 2009 version 1

1. Cleanse 3x a Year – By using BluePrint (spendy) or Organic Avenue. Both are a bit spendy but I read that they are both good. Cleansing is not for the faint of heart so I hope to be able to do this even though, it sounds like crap to me…perhaps it will help. If anyone has any suggestions/ideas on what to use other than the above would you let me know??

2. Colonic (during cleanse)- Ok, this will be a feat, really…This DEFINITELY doesn’t sound like fun, but one of my Dr’s suggested it, so I may. Perhaps I’ll lose that last 10lbs…

3. Daytime Diet - During the day I usually try to eat veggies and some protein. Mostly a hearty salad (no dressing or a light vinaigrette) or chicken breast and veggies.

4. Snack - A piece of fruit, nuts, or coffee. Not giving up coffee-EVER! Sorry just can’t do it..

5. Lite Dinner - When I’m being REALLY good I choose salad or chicken to go with veggies. But I always try to eat as light as possible in the evening because I really don’t do too much after 5p.

6. Exercise – 5-6 times a week. I have to or I basically get, well…fat. It’s my therapy (running = de-stress) with the benefit of keeping myself healthy (mentally and physically) and my body looking like an hour glass (insert bad joke here). Even though I haven’t been running 5-6 times a week as usual I think tired + S.A.D. + sub zero temps = lazy me.

7. Keeping the Sugar at Bay - Everyone gets that sugar pang from time to time. I’ve been getting it a lot. Thing I (and everyone else) need to realize is that it will pass. Try a piece of fruit, hot tea (green) or some water. After several days of doing this, you won’t get those pangs anymore.

8. Stay Dry - Sometimes when I go out I do have a few cocktails; beer, wine, capt and coke, wild turkey...Staying dry is also another key to being able to lose and maintain weight. If you drink a ton it's gonna end up on you somewhere, and hey, it's not good for your kidneys.

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