Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 Here I Come!

Welcome to the New Year ya’ll!

New Year’s Eve Day- Shit, this day purely sucked, really!
I’ve been quietly “bitching” about my hair for about 2-3 weeks and on New Year’s Eve day is when I wanted to be done.

Accentually, all I wanted was to make my hair curly on a more permanent basis. It’s pretty curly on it’s own but the curls aren’t defined and it turns into a frizzy rug if the curls aren’t “forced” to stay, well in curls.…My beautician permed it with a body wave…It “sort of” took. The top was curly and the ends were straight….I called her and told her about it and she set an appt to have it cut a week later. I told her that I didn’t think it needed to be cut, but a trim would be fine. She thought that a cut would make my hair “spring” but it didn’t. She wanted to layer it and I told her no-she did it anyway and a crappy job of it too. I told her I wanted her to do it over and she set an appt for me at “8:30a” the next week.

In the meantime, I received 2 e-mails indicating that I needed to come in a 9a and her hours of operation are at 9a so I figured she misspoke and the appt was at 9a. I’m on the road when I get a call from my beautician asking where I am. I told her that I was on my way and asked her if the appt was really at 8:30a since I received 2 e-mails that said otherwise…She gets pissy and tells me that she told me 8:30a and specifically told me before I left to ignore the e-mails.. I never heard that portion and apologized. I told her I was on my way and would be there in about 5 mins. Then she calls me back a few mins later wanting to know if I’d be there before 9am….I told her yes, and asked why. She said she had other clients coming and didn’t want to rush the process. That had never mattered before (which was part of my issue with her) I said and she snapped back, “I have paying clients”. I instantly got angry. I told her to forget it and I’d cancel, I’m done…I then went on this tirade of how “unhappy I was with the process..” that she’s rushed me through the last several appointments, that she does whatever she wants with my hair even AFTER I’ve told her no, she gives her opinion on what I want when I don’t ask for it.. I was done and hung up. It took a few minutes but I pulled over and cried for about 10 mins. It was New Years Eve day, what am I to do now?

I contacted a salon my friend Adam suggested. I called, explained my situation and had an appt at 11:30a that morning. (thank you Adam!) Salon Lili ROCKS!

I went to the new salon they did my hair in 45mins and I was done. It turned out great with the exception that my old beautician cut 3” off , so I’m a bit short right now..but (inside voice) it’s just hair, it’s just hair…

The Eve- was relaxing to say the least. I was originally going to spend New Year’s a Major’s in Apple Valley with some old friends, but couldn’t afford it so we all went over to Kelly’s and hung around, played games, drank a bit and I ended up spending the first couple of hours of the new year watching HGTV. A show I love and never get to watch anymore!

I fell asleep on the basement sofa talking to Patrick who was on the sofa across from me, giggling my brains out until 4am.

I woke up the next day, New Year’s day around 10am. Helped Kelly get some things together, clean then run errands. It was her son Carter’s 3rd b-day. So she cooked and I cleaned and the party was great. It started to wind down around 7p and I decided it was time for me to get to my own house and relax a bit..

Happy New Year 2009!
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