Friday, December 05, 2008

Will Do Anything for Money

I only got a few hours of sleep last night and when I did sleep, it was hard. A tornado could have blown through and I wouldn’t have heard it. It’s COLD out and once I get really cold, I sleep. I’m weird like that. Yeah, that is what it was last night when I had to be out in it.

I left work around 6p, text Kelly and was planning on stopping at McDonald’s for a salad. I get across the street and realize that my lights are starting to dim, then my airbag light comes on, my radio starts to go out. Scared, I pull into the McDonald’s parking lot and turn off the car. I try to restart it and nothing. Dead. I sit for a minute, trying not to panic, for it’s fucking…damn…cold and I can’t feel my fingers! I decide to go into McDonald’s grab something to eat and think about my next steps.

I call Kelly-she’s the closest to my location. We agree that we’ll jump my car and hope that’s all it is. We jump the car once she arrives and she drives behind me. She calls me on my cell and says “uh, your tail lights just went out..” Just as that was said my airbag light comes on, my radio goes out, then my headlights as I turn and then, the car goes out completely as I coast into the parking lot and park..the…car… in a Holiday gas station.

I’m frustrated and cold at this point, so I call AAA to tow my car to my Mechanic’s. We wait for 30mins for the tow, they take the car away while Kelly drives me to her house. Kelly and her husband decide to lend me their car to use until mine is fixed, how awesome is that?

I get to work and my Mechanic calls with the news. It’s the alternator, it will cost $290. Granted, it’s not horribly expensive, but money I can’t really part with since it’s close to Christmas and re-fi time. I go to pay him and find that they no longer take Discover, FUCK! It now has to come directly out my account…now. So I pay the man.

As I’m going through my day I decide to take a look at my cell phone account. Keep in mind that I just bought my phone and split off my account 7 days ago. I look at my account and note that every mobile to mobile call I make counts against my minutes and that I have “supposedly” used up all my bill is $51.00. Huh? I call P and we chat online with a rep that keeps digressing and is not a help at all. He requests they call him tomorrow, he’s pissed!

Just then I actually get a call on my cell that I don’t recognize. I ignore it and then the call comes to my office. It’s JD at the airport. Apparently everyone has called in from both of our stores and she has no one to close the Gear Shop, she can’t because she has to close the Kid’s Store. I told her that I would but my car is in the shop and I don’t feel comfortable calling around to see if someone can pick me up at 9:30p and take me home.

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