Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Throwing Out the Line and …Nuthin’

Dating has me frustrated yet again. I’m realizing that no matter how much older and wiser I become the male species still seems to be a great mystery I have yet to figure out. (Ladies, I will figure it out and when I do I’m writing a book!)

My latest is a guy I’ve met twice actually. I met him briefly at a large event this fall and recently at another, smaller event. He approached me on both accounts and made every effort to get my attention. The first time I blew him off, it seemed odd and the people I was with were/are a bit protective of me. The second time we both had a bit of drink in us but we talked etc and it was something he said that caught my attention. Hmmm?! Interesting comment I thought. Regardless, I haven’t been able to think much about anything else. (the romantic in me I guess.) I sent him an e-mail a day or two later indicating that perhaps he and I should get together soon. (the line was cast) He replied sure, that I should let him know when something fun comes up. The next day I e-mailed him to say that yes, an event is coming up that I’d think he’d be interested in going to. No reply. The day of the event I e-mailed him a reminder with the location, time and event. No reply. Now, before ya’ll get up in arms about how he could be busy blah, blah, blah…I have seen some “activity” on his blog… so he knows I have e-mailed by now I’m sure….

The thing that chaps my hide is the fact that he made an effort, not once but twice! WHY would you waste that kind of energy if you had no intension of doing anything? Brief relationships, breakups etc.I can handle, but this…? This always leaves me with the feeling that it I didn’t do/did something. Granted I know it’s technically not me, but it does hurt my feelings a bit every time. I think that perhaps we are missing out on each other because he is feeling afraid, or unsure or intimidated or that I misspoke or did something stoopid. I’m not pissed about it, just extremely confused for I don’t think many women would make this sort of an effort to just drop it. The whole calling, texting, e-mailing you is just the fact that we (women) are excited that you (men) like us, is all that is.

This whole thing could just be that he’s no longer interested, which is fine, but tell me.. You’ll get no hassle from me, if you aren’t interested…it is what it is, so just do us both the favor of not having to guess..
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