Thursday, December 11, 2008

Things To Do....

  1. Photo Shoots- Me, Ryan, Beth, Shan, Kendra and Kel
  2. Update Photos-Facebook, Myspace and blog
  3. Move “Thoughts and What-nots” archives over to “Ideas and Tid-bits”
  4. Clean off patio
  5. Clean outside and inside of car
  6. Seal up all windows
  7. Hair done-Chelsea
  8. Back adjustment-Dr. Ryan
  9. Cross Country Skiing-Matt (ready for a run Mister?)
  10. Go for a loooong run outside
  11. Give Pooh stuff to Michelle
  12. Sell Elliptical
  13. Shovel and salt front step
  14. Cover air conditioner
  15. Have camera cleaned
  16. Download and post BBY Bowling photos
  17. Finish buying the guys their Christmas gifts
  18. Spend about 4 hours working out
  19. Take Gabs to vet (shots and check up)
  20. Paint upstairs and downstairs bathrooms
  21. Update art on outside loft wall
  22. Hang curtains on upper living room window
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