Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Of Your Own Kind

My mother always told me that if you wanted to find out the “quality” of a person have them around animals or children. Both will let you know if the person is a good person or bad person.
I was walking out to the parking lot after lunch on Saturday with the girls when a mother with her 6 year old daughter pass me. I must have been looking crabby since I overheard the little girl say to her mother “ That lady must be sad cuz she doesn’t have anyone.” That made me laugh!

I was at the airport on Sunday evening when a 5 year old little girl comes in with her folks. I bent down to talk to her about her “sparkly shoes, that I liked very MUCH!” she asked me to sit on the floor with her so I did. As we talked about “little girl stuff” she touches my hand and says “ you don’t have a ring on your finger like my mommy..” I told her that I know, not everyone has one of those.. She then says “ Why? Are you bad?” I laughed as her Mom got on her a bit about saying that to me. I told her it was ok and continued to talk to her. I replied “no, I don’t think so” and then she did the cutest but oddest thing, she leans forward as if to tell me a secret, puts her hands on my cheeks and whispers “ I think your pretty too”. And smiles. I told her that she was a very nice girl and that made me very happy. Which it did, truly.

If what my mother says is true, I will probably get a million dollars in my stocking this year for being extra, extra good!
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