Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Like a Booger… You Keep Picking at it then Wipe it on the Person Closest to You.

I was just sitting down to eat dinner in my little corner behind McDonald’s at the airport when this cute guy looks at me and smiles. I smile back and we casually start talking. His name was Adam, he’s from Los Angeles, and was waiting for his flight to board. He came over to my table with his laptop and we started talking more. I noticed then this odd fucking habit he has…he picks his nose when he talks. Yep…no shit. As we were talking he kept doing it. First it was his pinky, then fore finger then finger and thumb. I’m not talking scratching his nose, I’m saying he was sticking them up there cuz something

Immediately I’m thinking, is this a nervous twitch, what IS THIS? He kept it up and I just stopped eating because I was so grossed out and my OCD was kicking in BIG TIME! After 15 mins of this I started getting twitchy and told him that my break was over- I had to go. He smiles and says “it was very nice to meet you!” and puts out his hand for me to shake. My brain went into alarm mode. I thought “there’s no f-ing way I’m touching Mr. Yapperhands”, I stood there like an idiot for a few minutes, smiling and I slapped a napkin down in front of him. And mumbled something like “ok, well, nice to meet you to, here’s for umm, your nose there, yeah, ok, yeah, ~giggle~, umm, bye” then ran away like I was running from a fire.

What the hell?!
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