Monday, December 08, 2008

Blurry and Blended Weekend

So, you all know my car went to pot and that I had a vehicle to use.. I had accepted an invite to go to Casper’s in Eagan to meet up with local members of my graduating class for drinks and karaoke. In lieu of this I was contacted by a woman I was good friends with in High School. We’d fallen out in high school, reunited and then fallen again in college. I thought it would be a good idea for her and me to reconnect one more time, so she agreed to come to the party. She and I arrived at the same time and we picked a booth off to the side so we could catch up a bit before joining everyone. She’d gotten married to a nice man she met after high school, has 2 beautiful children, lives out in the country and gets to work everyday from home. I told her most of my mis-adventures; buying my house, school, my 10 relationship with P, Ryan becoming a chiro, my fight with cancer, and whatever else I’d been doing since we’d seen each other last.

After a few hours we joined the group and I have to admit I felt a bit nervous for once. I mean, I’d never been friends with most of the people there and my mentality now was the same as it was in high school; we are all on the same playing field. I sat next to a person I was familiar with and we all starting reconnecting. I have to admit, for part of the night I reverted to that little geek I was in high school, then I thought, “fuck it, I have a damn good life, on my own terms!” I tried not to get too irritated when asked at least 5 times if I was married, divorced or had children, since pretty much everyone there had those things. I had a few drinks and so did my g-friend. I spoke to a couple of cute guys, indulged in an ABBA song with the other ladies and a good time was had by all. I hope we end up doing it again, I actually had a really good time..

Next day I turned the car back to Kelly and Mike, we had brunch and I sat around their place until the car was fixed and they took me out to pick it up. JD then called to invite me out to Renegade’s for Happy Hour to which I declined. I went home and got ready for I had gotten a free ticket to see The Blenders at the Pantages with Ernesto and Robert. I’d never seen them and was completely blown away by the performance. If you haven’t seen them…DO. They are an a capella group that sing Christmas songs. Even though I really hate the holidays, this was a definite pick me up! Perhaps Ryan will get a bit of “ho, ho ho..” in his stocking this year!!!
Yep, who’s the hottie? Ryan Lance!!! Alas, he's married!
See below for a preview …

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