Thursday, November 13, 2008

When Invites go Wrong…

P’s Invite: As a result of fun had by all (or despite it - as the case may be), I believe it was J who pointed out that we should give this another try, and in light of recent events KOB was wondering if the lot of you would like to try this particular "get together" a little closer to the holidays. Possibly the 20th of December - I believe that puts it on a Saturday again. Let me know if this would conflict with anyone's schedule and/or if you'd like to attend.
Let me know as soon as you can, cause I have to know when to wash my sweater.

- Management

Ernesto: That was a wild & crazy night. I don't if we can top it again, but I'm game. I can't wait to see what Paul wear's this time. (snicker, snicker)

P: Now I'm going to wear two sweaters.

KOB: Won’tcha be kinda hot?

P: I'm sorry. Did anyone ask you, Sweater-Hater????

KOB: I’ll turn that thing into a pillow I swear it! Watch your back!

P: Just for the record I'm sending this to everyone so they can see how ruthless you can really be... SWEATER HATER!

J: You know - sweatBolder pillows are very popular these days. Though they generally come in colors other than black. ;)

P: Oh, and then after the gathering maybe we can put on our hooded robes and go out and run over some puppies too. I think I understand the nature of this group now.
Thank you for clarification J.

J: Oh, no, no. I'd never advocate sweaters made of puppies...

KOB: Hey, he hates BABIES! Babies for God’s sake! Puppies, Babies and he burns flowers too!

P: Incidentally, right now Brad is thinking "what the h*ll is all the garbage in my inbox. Just thought the rest of you should be made privy.

Brad: I just got back to my desk and read through those... I don't advocate anything made of puppies - or any other pet for that matter. But... wouldn't making a pillow out of the sweater be like getting your favorite pet stuffed so they're always around? Might not be a bad thing. Then again, who is to say what might replace it...?

KOB: Wouldn’t that be called a “Taxidermist”?

P: So you're saying something's wrong with a stuffed pet? I may have to re-think my personal philosophy on a whole lotta things. HmmmmOk, I'm outta here. Have a good day Sweater Haters... you too Brad.
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