Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So You had a Bad Day?

I was in a good mood until I saw that my personal cell was blowing up with calls. I stop in the hall, check and it’s a number I don’t recognize. I head up to my office and I hear the voicemail on my cell beep, I also see that the message light is on my office phone. I get another call on my cell and it’s some guy in another dept, who doesn’t know me, informing me that he had held space in out main campus area and his table set up isn’t there. I immediately call facilities and have them bring him the tables etc. I call him back in tell him that the tables etc are on the way. I’m pissed now (this isn’t a big deal, he’s displaying stuff) I inform him under bated breath that going forward he’d need to call Conference Services (which I’m a part of) at their number. I then gave him the number and explained that he just blew up my personal cell with this little emergency and that’s not acceptable. I then asked how he got a hold of my cell number, and apparently the tool went through my office and found it on my phone board. I let the air settle between us before I just say “ok, goodbye” and hang up. What a fucking tool, not a “hey I’m sorry”, nothing… He left 2 messages on the Conference Services phone, 2 on my office phone as well as 2 on my bosses phone. ARE YOU KIDDING?

Later, I was helping set up for an event and a few of the planners were setting up posters for it. For some odd reason they were setting them up between the handicap ramp and stairs (1/2 ft). I came by and said “hey there ya’ll, I’m K with Conference Services, I’m thinking you want to set that up here??” “We can’t right?” one of the girls said. “Yeah, only for the sake of people tripping etc, did you set up the posters over there, or..” The other girl promptly interrupted me “Well, we’ve done this before.” Immediately pissed I reply calmly “Hmm, really? I’m guessing then you’d know not to place the posters here.” “We really don’t need your help.” The first girl says. “OK,” I said as I start to walk away, “but if I see posters in spots that they aren’t supposed to be, I’m taking them down…thanks!” I would think that would be a common sense thing to NOT put things next to handicap ramps and stairs but common sense doesn’t seem to be so common these days.
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