Monday, November 03, 2008

The Rocky Mountain Way

Regarding the Jobs (the many, many I have):

Electronics Company: The job at the electronics company is getting better. Yeah, really! A friend of mine had been miserable for months over the fact that she’s so overwhelmed with work she can’t do anything. She was actually thinking of transferring out of her role, even though she loved it. So I saw her in the hallway one day and was feeling bad for her when someone said, you don’t have to work in her dept to help her. We are “combining” jobs right now, so just meet with your boss and hers and see if you can’t just do the work.. So I did and BEHOLD, I now support her group. Seems a good fit considering I was miserable because I didn’t have enough to do and she had more than she could handle… She was able to go to lunch with a friend, for the first time in a long while. So I feel good about that.

Airport: Things are going ok. We are looking into hiring another person so I can transfer to working M-F and have weekends off. I have decided that having 2 whole days off is becoming extremely detrimental to my mental well being.

1- I missed my Aunt Mary’s funeral because we never have anyone to work other than JD and myself.

2- I’ve had more days lately that I wanna just sit home on a Sunday morning, read the paper, read books and eat soup.

3- I’m just plain out getting too old to work so damn much!

JD did hire a new girl to work mid-shifts most of the week. She’s an idiot. Common sense has been lost on her. JD trained her at both stores and I trained her for a week at mine and she still doesn’t get it. It’s been a month, she’s full time, but she can’t fold, her till checks are always wrong, she returns things that are over 30 days old, she doesn’t check ID’s on charges and my biggest issue is the fact that she doesn’t seem to care. She comes back from break late and you tell her and she laughs and says “ok”. That irritates me. So I’ve decided to hell with her, I’m not telling her crap and when she gets caught, she’ll be gone and the problem will be solved.

Regarding the House: I had hired a guy to look into fraudulent charges on my lender accounts, I’m assuming he found something because he told my mortgage guy that my paperwork was ready to go and I heard nothing for a good part of a month. This guy “claimed” he tried to get a hold of me yet no messages or calls missed on either phone…I called my mortgage guy and told him to forget it, let’s move forward I’m sick of this crap. So this week my house will be appraised again and I will send in $250. to my second lender to subordinate and I will re-fi hopefully by Nov 30th I’ll be done!

Regarding the Weekend: Friday eve I end up doing nothing but going to bed early. I had plans to hang with a g-friend but took rain check since I was called into work early on Saturday. Saturday I worked and headed out to Neisen’s to see Bad Animals. They had two others bands playing so I ran back forth between. The opener for B.A. was Mountain Ash-who are very good. They played the stuff I grew up on, Blue Oyster Cult and The Who. Not necessarily the well known stuff but the obscure stuff too. Then in the front was a band called Good for Gary. I thought they were really good. They played pretty much everything. I really liked their t-shirts, “Who the HELL is Gary?” and “I Heart Gary”, cracked me up!

Sunday sucked because I worked in the morning, got a 4 hour break and went back to close the store. I really wanted to stay in bed, read books, watch the news and eat soup. I was really crabby because I really wanted to stay in bed and ended up being miserable and whiney all day, dealing with crabby customers for 11 hours didn’t help either.

Irritating things I heard from my customers on Sunday:
- My husband has a ruddy complexion just like you do.
- My wife has MUCH bigger tits that you do…(yes they said tits..)
- If you’re an athlete, why are you so BIG?
- Midwesterners sound so, ignorant.
- There’s no way physically you could be a size 10.

Regarding Dating: Yeah, well, as JD says, “Who in hell can keep up with your dating crap anyway?” Yeah, it is what it is I guess. I ended a week and a half dating deal with “Simon”. A 23 yr old kid I met through some friends. He was really cute, nice but a complete disappointment all the way around. Just plain out immature was the problem. I got tired of the calls at 5:30a and 2:00a wanting to come over…the disrespectful behavior and frankly I got tired of the whole thing and decided it was over. It took a couple of days but that last call at 5:30a was enough to make me insane so, I ended it. The following Thursday there he is, sitting in my drive wanting to know why I haven’t returned his calls…This time I drew him a map of “over, done with, gone” and shut my garage door on him.

Mr. Big has shown his face again. I’m thinking it’s because he just turned 49 recently and is feeling “old”. Boundaries set, we have agreed that we are strictly friends, no matter how much he’d like to cheat on his wife it won’t be with this girl. He did tell me that he’s putting together his old rock band and they have an album in the can and he finished his solo album. He will be touring twice in the next year, one for the band album and one for the solo. So look for a band and singer to come back from the past and KICK YOUR ASS!

One of my friends is setting me up with his best friend. I was supposed to meet him on Saturday but he was called out of town at last minute and couldn’t come. I have to say it was odd that I text my friend wondering why his buddy didn’t show and I get a call from the guy apologizing for not showing. I was certainly impressed by that, considering he met me once and certainly doesn’t owe me anything, much less an explanation. He will be calling me to get together when he gets back into town in a couple of weeks.
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