Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Morning Music-Nelson!

I have LOVED these guys forever. I liked their dad but when they came out with "After the Rain" I was hooked. Most people can't tell Matt and Gun apart but I can/still can. My fav was Gunnar. He's the aggressive, sorta crabby one.
Went ot their concert at the Orph with Rachel and I swear , even though I was 23 yrs old, i think I was the oldest one there!
I met up with them later in Phoenix at the Electric Ballroom. They played an acoustic set and my g-friend Erin just went up and introduced herslef and we started talking to them. I was hooked when Gun pulled a strand of hair out of my mouth when I was talking to him, he also told Erin he thought I was cute. (no prompting from Erin, I'm SURE!)

Anyways, enough of that...
This is to my girls who love them too!
Nelson- "After the Rain"
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