Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Morning Music-Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield was my first Crush, the first Rock Star that I loved enough to buy every damn album he ever put out in the 80's, he was also my very first concert.

It was in 1984, at the Met center in Bloomington and I went my friend Missy Schultz, my Mum and my Mum's best friend. I bought a concert tee and slept with the thing on for about a year. I was completely destroyed when I found out he got married. In the spirit of liking him, Ernest and I even drove out to Grand Casino Mille Lac in 2004 to go see him- it was insane!
Even thought the guy is old enough to be my dad, and has a 20 year old, he's still hot in my book!

Rick Springfield-Affair of the Heart.

Lyrics | Affair Of The Heart lyrics
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