Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday By the Numbers

Cups of coffee this morning: 2
Cups of coffee I generally consume: 1
Amount of times I’ve regretted not drinking coffee: 0
Vitamins consumed: 5
Large vitamin pills choked on, resulting in my gag reflex kicking in: 2
Times I had to go back upstairs because I forgot something: 4
How many times I’ve sworn since 8a: 7
How many calls I’ve gotten since I arrived: 10
How many e-mails I’ve responded to : 100 and counting
Tracks on my iPod that would make my pops cringe: ALL
Tracks on my iPod that would make anyone cringe: 10
Times I have professed my undying love for anyone on this blog: 3
Times I think they’ve noticed: 0
Trees in my yard changing colour: 1- It’s the sad tree from the Charlie Brown cartoons
Colours they have turned: 2 (red, yellow)
Door knobs I’ve walked into since 10 am: 2-Ouch my hip!
Times the knob connected with an old knob bruise: 2

Sweaters I bought when I was out: 15
Magazines I wanted to buy when I was out: 3
Magazines I bought: 1 (discipline!)-The new Runner’s World!
Fruits I smell like in any given week: 1- Oranges
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