Thursday, September 18, 2008

The World at Large

Gee what a relief I thought we were heading into a recession…Wait a minute, we ARE!!!

I don’t even know what to do with this

This makes me wonder if I’ll be able to re-fi my house…

Like they don’t have other things to worry about, Galveston residents have to worry about this…really?

Apparently the public has nothing better to do with it’s time…

Come on, shouldn’t we be doing more for the housing market??? I don’t see this being a major concern right now…esp when most students can defer…

Perhaps this will make the process easier though

This is sad…

I didn’t know he studied art before joining the Stones…I love it!

I didn’t think he painted either! I think some of his stuff might go in my house!

I could play on this artist’s site for hours creating…..I just wish I could print and hang them up!

When my brother and I were painting his offices, he yelled this main comment out at me from the other room and we both burst out laughing.

I love these commercials!!!!

1 year later, it’s up and running as of 5am this morning

Bill Gates and windows suck but this commercial cracks me up, esp when he wiggles to “adjust his shorts..”

I had a MAJOR crush on this guy when I was growing up…

I cut my hair and did my make up to like this guy when I was high school. Took me a year to grow it out… It’s sad that Robyn Crosby died of AIDS though

When I listen to these guys at work, people think I’m crazy!
I love the “I’m just Gonna Give it to you Straight” card…Listen to the audio..It kills ME!

Thank GOD! I think they should go back to the “old school” version..

This is hilarious!!!

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