Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What IS it with Long Haired Guys??!!

Wholly shit, yeah I just realized this ..umm…yesterday!! I like em’. A L O T….. really!

Wendy and I were at a club watching this really cool “semi” metal band and the whole bar was filled with long haired guys. I was in hog heaven! I kept looking around at all the guys, thinking “I must have landed in the 80’s or something-AWESOME!”. (That sort of “boobies” mentality that guys have.) I’m thinking it’s based on this weird mega obsession with Ray Gillen of Harlott, Black Sabbath, Badlands fame. Seems that he was putting the spoon in the chowder a bit too much because THE MAN DIED IN 1993 of AIDS, PEOPLE! Anyways, he’s the epitome of what I want. He’s hot, long hair, leather pants, rides motorcycles, rugged, his chest is…god, stop me..anyways, the man is dead. Bummer :/ Major set back for my libido.

Along with this mega obsession has been my obsession lately with David Lee Roth. Yeah, DLR, there’s something 4 degrees of wrong about watching a sweaty, half naked man in assless chaps that does it for me I guess. I definitely dig the jumping around, I figure he’s got stamina and is flexible and I’m a runner and do yoga…ummm, anyways that’s the first thing that clicked into my narrow tunnel of a brain, that and the fact that I think he looks a lot like my ex-Erik…Weird that I picked up on that now-25 years later (sorry Erik!). The guy is something like, what? 64 now and looks like my Uncle Cleadus in a clown suit…I’m afraid of clowns….so is The Beth…
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