Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Weekend up Nort!

I left around 2:30p on Thursday from a meeting with my mortgage guy to meet The Beth, Shannon and Hensch at the Twin City Grill for lunch. We caroused through a few places that Hensch wanted to see and then headed up to the Cantina #1 on the 4th floor of the mall. We drank, we flirted (ok, I flirted) with sexy bartender Mike -who disappointed me with a pix of his son/fetus who is still cooking in the womb! After the aforementioned “good time” we went home to get some rest for the early rising and packing before our trip.

Next morning Hensch and I were up getting ready around 8:15am. We left and were at Shannon’s around 10am for the drive up north. The trip to Backus from my house takes about three-and-a-half hours. The drive seemed to go rather quickly, due to the constant conversations between all of us, Nelson music rotation and my sleeping through most of the ride.

We got into Backus around 3p I believe. We unpacked our stuff into the places we were planning on sleeping. We hung out on the dock and looked out over the lake before deciding to go into town to get something to eat. After scaring the locals we headed over to the grocery store to pick up some things for next night’s supper; hot dogs, buns, pop, wine (sqwee!!!), muffins, chips, chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows, condiments, cookies, and paper products. Once we again scared the locals we headed back tot the cabin for two rounds of “Things” and watching the second Lost Boys movie which we all assessed sucked it big time before we hit the hay around 1 or 2am.

Day 2- Most of us were up and rolling by 8am (I tried to sleep in as long as possible!) after some breakfast we decided to head into Nisswa to do some shopping. Once in town we wandered over a little “mom and pop” cafĂ© for lunch. Next, we wondered for several hours between the stores browsing at the homemade gifts and crafts. I bought P a thank you gift, myself a “naughty” t-shirt and an ice cream. We then headed back to the cabin.

Hensch built a fire (best fire EVER!!) and we all hung out by the fire, roasted weenies, and marshmallows for s'mores followed by some of CJ’s awesome taco dip and chips.
After it got a bit too nippy for all of us, we opted to watch Beth’s DVD of Tesla’s “Comin’ Attcha Live” concert (Dave Rude is my husband!) and I fell into a heavy slumber around 11pm after 2 glasses of wine.

Next morning around 8am we were all up and running like chickens. Hensch had a flight back home to catch and Tracy and CJ both needed to head back to Iowa before it got too late. Emily coming from Crookston had a heavy drive as well. We quickly cleaned up the cabin to the same state it was prior to our arrival. We either eat or dumped any extra food and Hensch and I checked on the remnants of the fire. Unfortunately wasn’t out after dousing it with water and sand. Once she dumped some brush in the fire pit the fire started right back up. So I jumped in buried and covered any embers with earth and sand to make sure it was out for good. We hustled to get our bags into the cars and headed out for the 3 and a half hours back to the cities.

We were cutting it a bit close on time, so we dropped Hensch off right away at the airport and decided to stop at a near by TGIFridays to eat before parting ways. Bellys all full, we hugged, kissed and sadly said our goodbyes to the last remaining few left. I left with Shannon and The Beth to go back to Shannon’s and pick up my car and made it back home around 5p. I immediately unpacked, did some laundry and attempted to get some badly needed sleep, since none of us slept much on the trip. No avail…hello insomnia!!! Grrrrr.
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