Thursday, September 08, 2011

9/11 Dedication

 My name is Anthony Tempesta and my life ended on the 105th floor of World Trade Center on this very day 8 years ago, this day is also my daughter Amanda's birthday. Today she will be 17 years old.

On the morning of my death I spoke to my daughter and wished her a happy birthday, she turned 7. I also spoke to my wife after she had dropped our daughter off at school. She was teasing me for not being available when she called because she'd had a bit of a scare that morning. The front door was open when she woke up and I was able to calm her as she searched the house. This was the last conversation I'd have with her.

My mother worked at the same company and floor as I did. She was able to survive the attack because she wasn't due to come into work until 9 am. Unfortunately she witnessed the attack from a ferry while coming into work that day. She became hysterical and had to be dragged away from the scene. I can only imagine how she felt when she saw the tower collapse knowing I was in it, and for that I am sorry.

Anthony Tempesta is survived by his wife, the former Ana Maria Dias, and his daughter, Amanda, his 10-year-old son, Matthew Anthony; his mother, Dorothy; and his brothers, Clifford and Michael.

God Bless America! Never Let Their Lives Be Forgotten!

Join the 2,996 Project-Honor those who died for our freedom!
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