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I actually really loved this band. I met them once at the Orph, Jake E. Lee was surprisingly shy... They are now defunct..bummer...

A bit of History...
Badlands. Born from a desire to blend hardened metal rhythms with blues-based melodies, the members of Badlands came together out of an innate sense of musical brotherhood. In so doing, each brought with him a background richly steeped in the very foundations of rock history.

Formed in the summer of 1988 when guitarist Jake E Lee contacted vocalist Ray Gillen, the two quickly added bassist Greg Chaisson and drummer Eric Singer and hit the Los Angeles rehearsal studios to polish material for their debut LP, "Badlands" (released on Titanium Records). The stark, ripping tunes that emerged from those sessions paid homage to rock's hallowed past while paving the way for its future. Songs like "Hard Driver", "High Wire", "Dreams in the Dark" and "Streets Cry Freedom" are potent compositions filled with both the passion and power which mark Badlands sound. Yet it is the individuals which comprise this fierce fraternity which merit special attention:

Axe master Jake E Lee earned his stellar guitar reputation as a member of Ozzy Osbourne's band for four years, during which he appeared on two albums, Bark At The Moon and Ultimate Sin. By the time he left that unit, in 1987, his onstage gyrations and sizzling, six-string histrionics marked him as a guitarist who spewed forth hard rock tunes with a strong emotional edge. Wielding his battered white Charvel like the ultimate instrument of metal attack, Jake established himself as one of rock's most adventurous and exciting guitar heroes. Now, as a member of Badlands, he hopes to take rock guitar to new artistic heights. "We're all influenced by the blues. Ray isn't the world's highest screamer and Eric isn't your typical thrash or techno drummer. He comes from an older school and so does Greg. We all play with a lot of feeling."

Singer Ray Gillen cut his musical teeth on tour with Black Sabbath in 1986. His charismatic stage persona and his searing vocal power turned on audiences everywhere - both the guys attracted by Gillen's macho stance and the girls drawn to his raw sexual aura. But this New Jersey native will never be satisfied being rock's latest pin-up king. He wants to live and die on the strength of his music. "I'm really into bluesy singing. This is the first time I've been able to write music that really sounds like me. I never felt that 'special thing' before about any band I was in, but now I know what it feels like - this band is it!"

Eric Singer paid his dues as the hard-hitting drummer for Lita Ford, Gary Moore and Black Sabbath. His association with Gillen in Sabbath made him the obvious choice as Badlands' power percussionist. His kinetic energy both onstage and off makes him Badlands' most outgoing member as well as the rock solid foundation of the band's sound. "Our music is not singles, hit-type music. It's very concert-oriented and dynamic. It's very raw and real and geared towards our audiences. I call it 'intensely real' because we have incredible intensity when we play live."

Bassist Greg Chaisson is the perfect complement to Badlands' high-flying musical attack. His steady rhythms and fleet-fingered approach provide the anchor for the band's sound and keeps it on its steady, unrelenting course. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Chaisson's laid-back personality and passion for the martial arts and "muscle" cars characterize the aggressive stance he brings to Badlands' broad-based appeal. "I like being in a family-type band and that's what this is. We all hang out, we're all good friends, there are no egos, no attitudes and no poseurs."

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