Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Morning Music TIMES!!!!

OK, so the man isn't 64, he'll be 54 in October. When he was younger he really did it for me....
Saw him once in concert at the Met Center for the "Crazy from the Heat" album. He rode a giant yellow surfboard over the crowd. I tell ya, the shit made me laugh!
My mother met him once at the airport, cleaning a plane and told him "Mr. Roth, Mr. Roth, my daughter worships you". He laughed and thanked her. She said he needed to comb his hair, it looked like a rat's nest!!
Anywho, I always thought the beginnings of his videos were funnier than hell, so here you are!!!
Happy Monday Morning Times!!!

David Lee Roth "Goin' Crazy"...

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