Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Funny Story About my Mother

Back in the 80's when my mother first started cleaning planes at Northwest, every once in awhile she'd come home with these outrageous stories of meeting celebrities on the planes while doing her job. See, as the passengers deboarded she would come up from the back of the plane and clean up the bathrooms, vacuum the aisles etc.

I was studying at the kitchen table and she was telling me that she met what she thought was a famous rock band. She really couldn't remember the name of the band but she new that if she told me that I'd know. She was pretty sure that I liked them too. She kept trying to pronounce it and told me that they were a "hard rock" band and wore leather... I was clueless. I threw out a couple of band names and none of them took. Then a light goes off..."It's Jesus Priest" she tells me. I burst out laughing and I instantly get the look of death, for she thinks I'm making fun of her now. Laughing I say " Ma, it's JUDAS Priest, JUDAS, not JESUS!" and continue to laugh...She looks at me irritated and says "Well, yeah, I don't know who they are, I just know you like them.." "I don't like them at all actually, I just know who they are..and yeah, they are just a bit famous there" I said still laughing. "oh, well there you go then, I just thought you liked them..."

For the record, was never a fan of Judas clue why my mother thought that. It was funny though...Love ya Ma!
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