Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stoopid People Are Everywhere!!!

Being the pessimist that I am I just flatly believe that all people are evil shits. You have to do or say something to me worth while for me to believe otherwise (Hard to believe that I have friends huh?) or for me to consider talking to you. Granted, once most people start talking to me I break down and am all “Awww, can’t believe I was so hard on you..”

I actually came into a situation that really pisses me off and confirms that people are really stoopid shit-sticks after all.

I was working at the airport on Sunday afternoon when apparently, unbeknownst to me someone dropped some red sauce on the floor in the main terminal near the entrance to my store. They didn’t pick it up nor tell anyone about it. Several hundred people walked through it, slipped on it and didn’t pick it up nor tell anyone about it as well. It was the 101st guy that was late for work, and walked through it that fell. Of all things pulled his left hamstring and hurt his~ umm, “twig and berries” per se.
His scream is what got me running to the front of the store and I ran across the hall to TSA and told them a guy just “bit it in front of my store”. Oddly, they told me to call 911. I looked at them oddly and said “ well, he isn’t bleeding to death or anything”, which again I was told to call 911 on the phone in the terminal. I ran over and called 911 to have the paramedics to come down and check out the poor guy. It took them 15mins to come. Wonder how fast they would have come if someone were dying? Hmmm..???
The guy would not get onto the gurney, wouldn’t let them check him out, yet couldn’t get up. People were stopping and staring at the poor guy, walking over him as if he were just an obstacle in their way. The “cart guys” blocked the only way for people to go around and I yelled at them to just keep moving and please not stop.
After about an hour of debate the resolve was that he would take a couple of Ibuprofen, ice the snot out of his hamstring and nether bits; which were now visibly swollen and sign a waver indicating he declined to be hospitalized.
I then called the airport cleaning service to have someone come out and clean up the sauce before someone else-perhaps someone’s child slipped and fell.
All because some “tool” couldn’t A- tell someone they dropped something or B- Clean it up..

I’ll never understand.

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