Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Reunion Number 2- Who in the Hell ARE These People??

OK, here we are at Reunion #2- Burnsville Senior High. We used to be called the Braves and after I graduated there was some issue with the Native American Orgs and they changed it to the Blaze..??? Odd....Well, yep, landed there in March of my junior year I think.. I considered it a brand new start so I met and had new friends.
My senior year there was the best I ever had -EVER.

Rosemount was filled with snotty, self absorbed idiots, whose families had money; Burnsville seems to be very neutral and not very "clicky". I fit right in, right away.

In 1988 I had my first job and the first job I ever liked. It also happened to be in the same place I met my first b-friend and eventual fiancée and where I met my best friend and college roommate.
I went to Burnsville's Homecoming but to Rosemount's Prom and surprised the shit out of my friends who had no clue that I would be going to Prom much less their prom.

I didn't meet or get to be in many classes with my own grade because of the differences in criteria. I was even put into a Shakespeare class 3 months before graduation because the school forgot that I needed so many English classes to graduate. I ended up in classes with a lot of Juniors and Sophomores. I think my schedule was something like, Psychology, Choir, Band, Photography, English and 3 hours of Independent study (I worked on the student paper and yearbook).

Academically? I didn’t do well senior year. I’d always studied and wasn’t able to get out and do things with my friends before so I let my grades slide waaay off the scale.

I entered my “punk/hippy” phase around this time. God, I remember showing up in a long black 50’s pin-up skirt, with knee high black boots, a black shirt with black suspenders over it , black gloves and a big black wide brimmed hat (Like Rose wore in Titanic) carrying around daisies all day!!! Yeah, I was bad!
I wore scarves draped around my neck like the rock stars do now, wore suit coats over my rock t-shirts and littered the coats lapels with rock buttons. I had scarves hanging out of the back pocket of my jeans, I wore poet shirts with leather pants, and I was the punk-rock girl of Burnsville. My style sucked-royally!

I dated. That was huge for me since up until Senior year I wasn't able to go out, date or whatever. I went out with Rob Smale, an under classman at Burnsville for a few months. I can’t remember how I met him but he was punk-rock guy and I thought he was cute so there you are. Then it was Mark Gust from my own class. I was introduced to him through friends. I thought his older brother was cute and got to know Mark through him as well. He dumped me for a chick that looked just like me and married her…Go figure. Shortly thereafter I met Brent at work (Rosemount alumni 2 years ahead of me!) and spent the rest of my senior year and then some dating him.

I loved the job I had. It was a busing turned waitress/cook job at Godfather's Pizza off of 42 next to Target in Burnsville. My g-friend got me the job since the job I had as a "take out girl" at a Chinese restaurant was making me miserable. I loved working there. They had fun and everyone was "doing" something. They were going to school (high school or college), going out, etc. Within a matter of a month I had Brent following me around begging me to go out with him... it just never seemed like work when I was there and I wasn't happy when I had to leave. Most of us actually left when the company found out that everyone was, well...dating everyone. All the wait staff where dating Managers or Asst Managers-it was against policy so most of us were transferred, including me. Within the 2 months I was at the new restaurant I quit.

Anyways, I let my grades slip, allowed myself to have a social life and had fun. Until I graduated, threw my cap in the air, thinking; “Ummm, now what..?”

BTW- We received our diplomas in the mail 1 week later. It was to ensure no one would “do anything” during the commencement. Umm, like throwing around a blow up doll during the speeches…but I didn’t have anything to do with that….
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