Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reunion Announcement-Amongst friends

Greetings to my closest friends from high school!

I hope that everyone is well. I am just trying to establish where everyone will be on Saturday and if there is any way that most of us will be able to get together. Here is the situation as I understand it. If I am wrong, please feel free to correct me:

Jason: Stranded in the great state of Oklahoma by the financial realities of academia. There may be a Jason sighting in Minnesota this summer, but it will probably be younger brother Jerry. No substitutions!

K: Has shed her winter layer stressing out about the reunion this summer and, judging by the picture she posted on the website, is looking fantastic. My guess is she will be the best dressed of the bunch and will surely turn some heads on Saturday night. MEOW!

Dave: Despite having a great time at the 10 year and meeting his future wife and mother of his adorable son Nick, Dave is fanning on the 20 year. Why? The reasons are not clear, but there has been some speculation that since he will not be able to top the last reunion, there isn't any point in going.

Mike: After initially not planning on going, he got the Bret Favre itch and was considering getting back into the game just to see how much has changed. Unfortunately, Mike pulled a hamstring and has been relegated back to the bench. Mike will not be making an official appearance at the reunion.

Tori: Winner of the traveling trophy for my small circle of friends as she is traveling all the way from Dallas. She also wins the "Austin Powers" award for bringing not one, but two female dates. Way to go Tori!

Rick: Will be out in full force on Saturday night going into the game with no expectations about anything, except having a great time. See the sights, catch up with a few people and consume a few beverages. Not necessarily in that order.

I also have a hotel room at the Marriott that night. My proposal to Mike and Dave is to come down and make an unofficial visit. Call my cell and we can go up to my room and catch up a bit as a group. Maybe snap some pictures and hoist a drink or two. Bring your friend with the green hat! (Old School)

I am looking forward to seeing most of you on Saturday!
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