Friday, July 18, 2008

Airport Chronicles Part Duh!- Old Skin and Balls

Ok, for the record I will most likely be hit by a bus on my out tonight for even MENTIONING this but it was such a cause for irritation and embarrassment for me…

I still have my job at the airport for now
and last night while working a French couple dressed as cowboys (yep, I scratched my head on that one too.) came in to look around. The gentleman wanted to try on some shorts, so knowing that he didn’t speaking a stitch of English I politely smiled and pointed to the dressing room. Granted, I was really friggin’ crabby and really not in the mood to deal with any smart-asses, old flirty guys or rude people.

The French gentleman goes into the dressing room and I continue to greet my customers etc. I go stand behind the register and look over toward the dressing room and see this 60 something year old French guy in his underwear with the door open, changing into the shorts. The look on my face was priceless for sure, but I had to focus my eyes and shake my head just to confirm that this was exactly what was burning my retina’s out and that of my customers. I quickly, quietly and discreetly walked over and shut the door.
Once he came out and decided he wanted to buy the shorts, his wife decided she wanted to try on a couple of shirts. I again politely pointed to the dressing room. They both went in and it “appeared” as if they shut the door until a few minutes later I turned to see this French woman in just her bra and her husband helping her into one of the shirts. Irritated I simply rolled my eyes and shut the door.

Once they had made their selection, I rung them up and that was interesting. Since neither one of them speaks English they didn’t comprehend what $70.00 was. So I grabbed my register flat screen to show them the total which I thought would do the trick-no. The gentleman whipped out $110. so I just grabbed the $100. and gave him change. They attempted to explain that they were from France and I smiled, nodded my head and waved good-bye like a good, dumb American.
A few minutes later P called to check on me. I told him what happened and he reminded me that in Europe nudity is not a big deal as it is here (shame too!) and that I should be laughing about it. I told him that he was right, but I couldn’t, I was too damn crabby to laugh at a 60-something year old man getting his sexy on whilst trying on a pair of shorts.
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